Canada's next generation of international leaders

Junior Team Canada brings the best and brightest young Canadians together, to give them hands on business experience and prepare them for success in the global economy.




International Missions

Junior Team Canada has served to develop Canada’s trade ties for over 20 years, conducting annual international trade missions to over thirty countries on six continents since 1991.

APEC Summits

Select JTC Ambassadors attend APEC summits each year, to engage with economic leaders and business figures on topics related to sustainable development and economic cooperation.

Special Assignments

Special assignment missions have included international summits like G8, G20, and Summit of the Americas, in addition to welcoming Royalty and assisting with domestic youth engagement programs.

Junior Team Canada provides youth
with the experience that matters.



Junior Team Canada (JTC) is the flagship program of Global Vision, a Canadian non-for-profit organization founded in 1991 by Terrance Clifford, MP London-Middlesex (1984-1993) and Member of the Order of Canada. Global Vision’s objective is to give youth hands-on experiences in international trade and community leadership, to produce top global leaders that build the future of Canada.

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